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Robert Murphy is a cloud technologist and executive with years of successful leadership underhis belt. With a passion for cutting-edge technologies, he tends to take on projects withnever-before-solved problems and focuses on expanding the collective capabilities of his teamsthrough a purposeful development culture. Known for being the “King of Culture,” Robert leadsby doing and sharing. Jumping into the weeds and being a hands-on developer in a time ofcrunch and being an exceptional leader that elevates the skills of his team on the flip side.

● Innovative, results-driven Executive Leader
● Excels at empowering leaders through hands-on mentoring
● Skilled in working with key stakeholders

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Book, December 2022


Vision, Motivation and Performance

When employees understand the purpose and direction of the company, they are more likely to feel connected to the organization and motivated to contribute to its success.

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Using the Responsibility Assignment Matrix Effectively

In executive management, a RACI matrix can be used to clarify roles and responsibilities within the organization and ensure that tasks are being completed efficiently and effectively

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Shared Responsibility & Collective Accountability

Knowing when to jump in and solve a problem on your own or when to throw it back to it's origin is a matter of responsibility and accountability.

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About: Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy is an experienced technology executive ready to raise the bar in your organization.

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Now Available: Leadership With A Purpose

Effectively motivating, inspiring and leading engineering professionals is about putting people first.

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DevOps Culture: Building Confidence in Delivery

Delivering software as rapidly as your technology and business will allow should be the main goal of any organized engineering team. Each organization....

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The DevOps Culture: Empowering Your Team

DevOps is a software development practice that specializes in the frequent delivery of software features and improvements. Through rapid....

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DevOps Culture: An Automation-First Mentality

Automation is one of the key principles of a strong DevOps culture because it has such a high return on investment. How can you be confident in your software...

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DevOps Culture: Self-Service-as-a-Service

Everything these days is a blah-blah-as-a-service, and your development lifecycle should be no different. When you provide a well working and documented services...

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I’m open to doing more podcasts!

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Lindy Lewis
December 2021

" Robert coached me on leadership and communication strategies and encouraged me to step up and let my voice be heard. He empowered me by placing me over engineer training, performance management, and career development. He gave me the freedom to make decisions as I saw fit, but he was always there to offer solid advice, feedback, provide input, and push me to be better at my job. Robert listens before he judges, he thinks before he speaks, and his emoji game is on point."

Casey Lee
February 2019

" Robert is a talented engineer with a passion for doing things right. He has a good sense of what healthy engineering team culture looks like and has been successful at instilling that culture in the teams he has been a member of. "

Elliot Dahood
October 2015

" Robert is passionate about writing code and solving problems through the development of creative and innovative software. Robert is a stickler for best practices and has an insatiable zeal to learn latest technical skills, technology stacks and tools and offer better solutions. I have grown as an engineer because I have worked with Robert for the past couple years… "

John-David Lockwood
April 2013

" Robert is one of the best Developers I have ever had the privilege of working beside. He is completely committed to the project's goals while at the same time ensuring that all of his work is cleanly built and documented so future Developers will have no problem expanding on features. He excels at communicating project risks, issues, and is always willing to make sure a feasible solution is readily available to the team."

Robert Murphy

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